About us

Red Soil Environmental

We specialize in providing comprehensive environmental assistance for sites throughout Florida, offering a cost-effective alternative when sending staff from outer regions becomes prohibitive. We understand the challenges of remote site management and have developed tailored solutions to ensure compliance, quality control, and efficient monitoring.


Additionally, we hold licenses for both construction and mold, further enhancing our capabilities and expertise in delivering topnotch services for environmental remediation and construction projects.

Meet The Team

Our team includes personnel from throughout the world. With their start in the Midwest US and Brazil, Mark and Michelle Aument; our owners, have a world of knowledge in environmental field, Our technicians have conducted environmental assessments through out North and South America including Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and many parts of Brazil. With over 20 years of experience within the state of Florida, Red Soil Environmental understands exactly what requirements the FDEP are expecting.

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